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​I am a maker, a dreamer, a photographer, a creator, a wanna be it all-er.


Family portraiture will forever hold special place in my heart as family means the world to me.  Weddings can unexpectedly touch me at my core that I am changed forever and there is something about those toddlers, their little personalities start to shine and it is so fun to capture. 


I truly just want to hang out and capture your life moment, whatever it may be at the time.  

My dream:  To spend a full 24 hours capturing all my families.  WHY would I want to do that you may ask because the real moments start to happen when everyone forgets I am there!  When the kids wake up with bedhead, mom and/or dad making coffee, play time with the kids, and then again towards bedtime when they get all cuddly, *sigh*, it is just amazing.

I am also lucky to have these two guys by my side encouraging me in every dream I dream.  


-Kelly Avenson

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