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Brian & Andrea | An Anniversary Session

I first met these two love birds after Andrea stopped by my studio to introduce herself as her and Brian and just moved back to the Midwest after living abroad and in her home state of Florida for the past few years. Now after just a few minutes of being around these two you cannot help but notice how much they love one another, how they get one another and most of all respect one another. From Brian's contagious smile and Andrea's over the top yet contagious laugh you can not help but want to be around the two of them. Brian and Andrea you two are the perfect balance of partners and best friends that make a great Husband and Wife team. You both love to live in the moment but when one needs to be pulled back to reality, the other picks up that rope and gently guides the other back to shore. You are a unit made up of two unique individuals and it is good.

Thank you for asking me to capture the two of you and your Anniversary, it was a magical session.

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